VALDIR ADRIANO DA SILVA. Neuro-Cranio-Vertebral Syndrome. Filum Disease. Arnold-Chiari Syndrome Type I and idiopathic Syringomyelia.

Published by at 27 October, 2017

Surgery date: 28 March 2017
Video date: 07 April 2017

Patient Valdir Adriano da Silva tells us in this video about how he found out about his diagnosis and how he felt a few days after the Sectioning of the Filum terminale procedure in March 2017. The Brazilian explains that in late 2016 he started noticing some symptoms related to the conditions he is suffering with, such as shaking in his arms and legs, tingling and difficulties to walk and swallow. Worried, he went to see a physician, where they ordered some tests and that is how he found out that among other conditions, he has the Arnold-Chiari Syndrome Type I and Syringomyelia.

Valdir decided to do some research on his diagnosis on the Internet and found the ICSEB and method developed here to prevent a progression of his affectations. After the assessment of his test results and the treatment orientation as formulated by our medical team, the patient organized a campaign to get the funding to make is trip to Barcelona possible.

“Now, after the surgery, I feel many improvements, I feel by 80% better than before. I really feel much better: I can walk well, I can eat and swallow normally, I don’t have a sore back or legs and I don’t get strong headaches anymore”, tells us Valdir ten days after the procedure.

Valdir wants to encourage other patients suffering with the effects of these conditions. “ If you have the same symptoms that I used to have, don’t hesitate to look for a solution, do research”. He also took to opportunity to clarify that the surgery performed at ICSEB is minimally invasive. “Everything is quite uneventful and fast, the surgery is done in less than one hour.”

The Brazilian patient tries to calm foreign patients who may be afraid of communication problems with the ICSEB team. “Here at the Institut, there are interpreters, who are the people in charge of the patient care for each country. In the case of Brazil, they have Marta, who is also Brazilian and works here and looks after the Brazilians. So you don’t have to be scared to come, you will understand everything and they will understand you.” And he finishes with his personal perception of the team: “Dr. Fiallos is very funny and Marta, too. Dr. Royo is as well, I thought he was going to a bit formal, but he also made jokes. Everything here is very relaxed, they are all very good people.”

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