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Barcelona, 16 November 2017.

The management of the Institut Chiari & Siringomiela & Escoliosis de Barcelona (ICSEB) is aware of the ethical, human and social obligation to work for the benefit of patients. Therefore, our vocation is to provide an absolute medical service that offers the most effective solution for each of the diseases we treat, contributing to improving patients’ quality of life. The patient is our most important raison d’être. It is therefore essential to analyse their needs and define our strategic plans, objectives and lines of action in accordance with them. The ICSEB, under the guidance of its management, promotes its commitment to excellence by updating its quality policy in accordance with the highest national and international standards. It also takes care of the improvement of its processes and areas of action by maintaining its relations with each of its stakeholders. In addition, it provides the appropriate resources for the proper monitoring of the processes.

For patients, this commitment consists of adapting and improving its services:

  • Maximum accessibility for patients with Filum disease.
  • Continuing to operate as an international reference centre by applying the Filum System® method.
  • Develop a high quality, agile and flexible process to provide medical and administrative services and identify potential risks.
  • Ensure the use, treatment and confidentiality of the information provided by the patient makes available to the ICSEB.
  • Adhering to the commitment to innovation and scientific research.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.

For its part, the ICSEB requires all staff who are part of the organisation to be committed to its corporate values and to providing a professional, high-quality service. To this end, it continues to develop its knowledge and experience by promoting training, innovation and collaboration among its staff in the work and decision-making environment.

Similarly, the ICSEB manages its relationships with its suppliers so that they comply with the obligations set out in their contractual terms and make agreements within the framework of the objectives set for the development of its activity.

In relation to other national and international neurosurgical centres and departments, the ICSEB is always open to new collaborations with medical or professional centres and is committed to developing its knowledge and skills in order to achieve the expected results.

We would also like to add that ICSEB is aware of its responsibility towards society and aims to comply with environmental legislation. ICSEB’s management is responsible for communicating this quality policy to all interested parties and to convey to them the philosophy, values and development that motivate ICSEB as a centre of high neurosurgical specialisation. We therefore share this quality policy with all of you,


Dr. Miguel B. Royo-Salvador
Director General of ICSEB

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