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The Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona (ICSEB) belongs to the healthcare sector in a highly specialized area that deals with medical and surgical solutions that can help patients with diseases of the spine and brain.

ICSEB was founded with the objective of developing further the research and theoretical concepts established by Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador in the clinical field. The research and concept is concerned with the Filum Disease (FD), described so far to group together diseases of the same etiopathogenesis, such as Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, idiopathic Syringomyelia and idiopathic Scoliosis. Also, some other diseases that can be added to this group: basilar impression, increased cranial base angle or platybasia, Retroflexed Odontoid (RTO), kinking of the brainstem (KBS) and certain types of hydrocephalus.

The Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona (ICSEB) is located on Paseo Manuel Girona 32, in the Pedralbes neighbourhood of Barcelona, 08034, Catalonia, Spain. All clinical outpatient activities are performed at this address, while the complementary examinations and surgical activity take place at hospital CIMA, located only at a few meters distance at nº 33 of Paseo Manuel Girona.


Medical Surgical Team

The medical team of ICSEB is comprised of various specialists:

Miguel B. Royo Salvador, MD, Phd. Director. Neurosurgeon. Neurologist.

Marco V. Fiallos Rivera, MD. Neurosurgeon.

Jose Manuel Arteaga, MD. Neurosurgeon.


Three surgical nurses in charge of the medical instruments are the part of the team:

Paula Alonso

Ana Isabel Alarcón Sánchez

Anna Lafarga Capella

The surgical scheduling, which is executed in the CIMA hospital, is coordinated from the ICSEB by:

Katharina Kühn. Coordinator for surgical scheduling and additional testing.


Research and development

After 35 years of research by its Director, in collaboration with the department of Human Anatomy and Embryology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and after having discovered many new concepts regarding etiology and treatment of these diseases, ICSEB has developed a set of etiopathogenesis and diagnostic protocols, medical, surgical and rehabilitation treatments, which are registered as the Filum System® method.

ICSEB’s Research and Development (R & D) Department was officially established in 2014 as a result of the constant work that always accompanies the day-to-day clinical activities of the Institut.

Accredited by ACIE since 2011, the R & D department sets out research, publications and dissemination of the new clinical concepts that are applied at the ICSEB, to the entire international scientific community.

Given that the developments in any area of medicine require research that supports its growth and evolution, the activity of research and development in biomedicine is necessary for the success of any strategy that aims to improve the health of patients and increase the potential beneficiaries of these treatments.

Therefore, ICSEB is strongly committed to the integration of R & D on the clinical level with the objective of increasing the effectiveness of methods and knowledge of the factors related with the treatment of diseases associated with the Filum Terminale, increasing success rates and minimizing the risk of the surgery

At ICSEB, we are pioneers at international level in the application of an unique and exclusive technique, supported by special scientific studies with highest academic distinction and the R & D projects at ICSEB intend to obtain the best scientific evidences to enable the continuous improvement of the treatments, the amplification of the knowledge of physio-pathological anatomy and the development of new clinical techniques.


R & D department:

Along with the medical team of Dr. Royo Salvador, which combines the hands-on experience with clinical research, the R & D department also consists of professionals specialized in other medical fields:

Miguel B. Royo Salvador, MD, PhD. Director. Neurosurgeon. Neurologist.

Gioia Luè, BSc. Department coordinator. Clinical and Health Psychologist.

Marco V. Rivera Fiallos, MD. Neurosurgeon.

Jose Manuel Arteaga, MD. Neurosurgeon.

Katharina Kühn. Department assistant and Editor-in-chief.


Administration and reception

At ICSEB, we have a multi-lingual staff for the Reception of the patients in the world’s most frequent languages and for the Administration of any process that is needed to be executed at national as well as international level. They provide support to the patients in all the possible ways with a quality management aimed at the continuous improvement of our services.

Administration staff

Mara Linette Espino Hernandez. Head of the Administrative department.

Samantha Meir. Reception desk coordinator.

Safaa El Idrissi. Quality control department.


Mediation and Patient Care

The ICSEB has staff specialized in languages, translation, marketing and communication, with clinical training in health and surgical patient care.

At assistance level, its members provide translation, interpretation and mediation between patients and health professional, providing the best possible therapeutic alliance and simplifying all proceedings, inquiries and the stay of the patients who reach us from anywhere around the globe.

As an international reference, the ICSEB has all the elements to communicate, perform diagnostic and therapeutic orientations as well as to do follow-ups of the applied therapies over long distances.



Pei Chen

Katharina Kühn

Samantha Meir

Safaa El Idrissi

Nina Arutiounova

Yuka Takahashi

Gioia Luè

Elena de’ Michieli Vitturi

Anoop Tiwari

Marta Orsini

Nina Piorkowska

Edyta Juszko


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