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Accredited doctors

The accreditation is a guarantee of quality.

Knowledge societies must be based not only on the amount of information handled, but also something much more important: the quality of the information.

A medical specialist accredited by the Filum Academy Barcelona® is a precise synonymous of this idea and hence means quality.

This seal of approval recognizes that the accredited medical specialist meets the standards of knowledge and imperative theoretical and practical training to implement protocols of the Filum System® Sanitary and/or Surgery method.

Accredited doctors dr_francesco_croce

Dr. Francesco Crocè


Accreditation and Filum System Sanitary® diploma, 28  March 2014

Accredited doctors dr_giacomo_caruso

Dr. Giacomo Caruso


Accredited doctor

Accredited doctors dr_roberto_mantia

Dr. Roberto Mantia


Accredited doctor

Accredited doctors dr_fabrizio_mantia

Dr. Fabrizio Mantia


Accredited doctor

Accredited doctors dr_filipo_infanti

Dr. Filippo Iafanti


Accreditation and Filum System Sanitary® diploma since 14/11/14

Accredited doctors dr_Marek_Wojtowicz

Dr. Marek Wójtowicz


Filum System Sanitary® accreditation and diploma on 23/10/15.

Medicos acreditados Institut Chiari

Dr. Marco Di Gesù

Accredited doctor


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