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Andressa Regina Eger. Neuro-cranio-vertebral Syndrome. Filum disease. Idiopathic syringomyelia. Multiple disc disease.

Published by at 17 March, 2023

Surgery date: 14/7/2016
Date of patient testimonial: 16/2/2023

Brazilian patient Andressa Regina Eger contacted the ICSEB team in February 2023, quite surprised after having her last MRI scan. “I went to my doctor in Brazil, who told me that my last tests did not show Syringomyelia,” she said. After a detailed study by the ICSEB team, it was confirmed that, after 7 years, her Syringomyelia had indeed disappeared.


The patient, who before the operation had difficulty holding a pen, said in her testimonial that she currently works in a job that requires great manual skill:

“Physically, I feel fine, only with a little pain in my lower back due to a herniated disc, but I do not feel it on a daily basis, only with physical exertion. The very few pains I have arise, for example, when I clean the whole house at once.

I also feel some weakness in my hands, but it is very low scale. My work currently is crocheting amigurumis. As I could hardly hold a pen before, this is amazing, I am very happy!

I am very grateful for the treatment at the Institute. Having the Filum surgery was the best decision of my life”.


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