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Dr. Josefina Lopez. Myelopathy Traction with idiopathic Scoliosis. Left Herniated dorsal disc D7-D8.

Published by at 16 May, 2008

Date of the intervention: May 2008

Hello to everyone, my name is Josefina Lopez and I work as a pediatrician in a health center. In the year 1999 I was diagnosed of a left lumbar herniated disc L5-S1. I did not think twice about it, in the month of May of this same year Dr. Royo operated on me fantastically. Dr. Royo did it with total success and I got to go back to my daily activities within a month.

Not being happy with it, in March of 2008 and after strong pains between both of my shoulders, they had me do an MRI and detected a dorsal herniated disc with dorsal engagement between D7 and D8 and a Scoliosis. This time I did not hesitate not even a week, I got in contact again with Dr. Royo and in very little time I was operated on my dorsal column and of the filum terminale. A spectacular result, in May I had the operation and in July I was working again. I could go back to all my obligations to 100 %, of course I drive; I go swimming, so I had a normal life. Oh! And my Scoliosis that accompanied me since 14 years ago was cured, my column is completely straight. So I encourage all the patients to cheer up and contact with Dr. Royo at the Institut Chiari de Barcelona for these neurological and neurosurgical matters, because he reaches where no one else does.

Kind regards and good luck to all.

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