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Michele Ledda: Cord Traction Syndrome. Descent of the cerebellar tonsils.

Published by at 3 June, 2015

Giampiero and Silvia discovered by chance that their son Michele, eight years of age, had a descent of the cerebellar tonsils, and , despite of the fact that the doctors did not give importance to this finding (the majority of doctors does not consider a descent of less tan 5mm to be a diagnosis of a pathology), the couple started to worry, because they had a case of Syringomyelia in their family, an uncle of Giampiero conditioned to a wheelchair since 30 years.

They started to take the boy to see specialists, to search for solutions on the Internet, to talk to patients operated by means of the Sectioning of the Filum and to parents of operated children who had left their testimonial on the website.

Inspite of the specialists’ opinions received in Italy, opposed to Dr. Royo’s FILUM SYSTEM ® method, the parents decided to trust the Institut Chiari, they went to Barcelona, and had Michele undergo surgery in May2013.

In the first check up one and a half month after surgery all the symptoms he had been suffering from, i.e. a bother in the one arm, headaches and vertigo, had decreased or even disappeared.

The Leddas confirm that thanks to Dr. Royo and his team’s work they are no longer afraid of this rare disease that for more than 30 years has been their family’s nightmare.

The ICSEB team is very grateful for their meaningful testimonial, being aware of how difficult it is to make decisions regarding one’s own children’s health and treatments, and even more so to make it public.

Many thanks.

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