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¡¡Latest news about the II Reunion for patients in Rome, Italy!!

Published by at 4 September, 2009

Reunión para pacientes Roma Italia

The document is now available:

II Reunión para pacientes. Roma. Italia

The reunion in Rome has been of great success in assistance. Dr. Gioia Luè presented the results of her investigations on the quality of life during the post-surgery after the section of the filum terminale, and Dr. Royo Salvador presented to the ones who did not now about it, his treatment to stop the diseases such as Arnold Chiari I, Syringomyelia and Scoliosis. He has also mentioned his new complementary medical treatment and physiotherapy treatment, which are resulting efficient.

Between the conference novelties, the “Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation” must also be brought out. The foundation will continue contribute with all its effort for the investigation, public health and teaching for patients and doctors.

It is important to mention the big demand for assistance to this event to the point of having to move to a bigger auditorium.

After the reunion we have received many congratulations for the organization of the act through many messages and phone calls from patients. We are very glad that the conference has been of help to them and we hope to be able in the future to repeat these events in different countries.

At the end of the reunion we have awarded patients and/or family members that help other petients with great enthusiasm and willingness.

Rita Presbulgo y Angelo Donzelli

Elena Degl’Innocenti

Estelle Lussiana
Pietro Gigliola
Cristiana Cattarruzza
Francesco Crocè
Monica Bacci
Francesco Mauro
Caterina Ravelli
Angelo Sabatelli
Athos Piccinini
Sergio Maldini
Fatima Giordano
Rosalia Mocciaro
Franceso Mazzieri
Irene Mazzieri

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