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Inés Grases Pintó, pharmacist

Published by at 6 May, 2016

Inés Grases Pintó, pharmacist

Owner of the pharmacy.

Place of video shooting: Farmacia Grases Pintó

Date of video shooting: 12th of April 2016

 Farmacia Grases Pintó is an establishment fully independent from the Institut Chiari. Its pharmacist Inés tells us the experience of the pharmacy’s staff that they have while attending the patients from the Institut who go there for buying their prescribed medicines after getting discharged. She explains that it keeps surprising them that although the entrance of the pharmacy has stairs, just after 24 hours of the surgery the patients go upstairs on their own.

 From the reaction of the patients and their families it is noted that they are very satisfied from the treatment, the result, and improvements they have achieved and the pain they have lost. When many patients return after 2 months for the check-up and go to buy the medicines, they tell that these improvements are maintained. It must be noted, says Inés, that these persons had spent years with their health problems and pains that prevented them from leading a normal life.

Although the pharmacy staff speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan, as the people around the world come to Institut Chiari to get treated, for example people form countries in Asia, Russians, etc., sometimes patients are accompanied with the staff from the Institut who speaks their language to facilitate the purchase of medication. She also highlights the nice and very professional behaviour of the patient’s care assistants (staff) of the Institut Chiari, a center of reference in its field, associated with the diseases of the central nervous system.

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