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In relation to the surgical treatment of the Arnold Chiari I Syndrome

Published by at 18 May, 2009

The statistics applied to the surgical treatments reveal results, which in many occasions must make us modulate our way of reacting.

In the consent sheet it is informed and admitted with the intervention of the Arnold Chiari I Sindrome and Sub-occypital Craniectomy, that there is a 0.5-3% death rate. Meaning, the death of a patient between 200 operated or three patients between 100 operated is admitted and admissible.

The natural mortality rate of the Arnold Chiari I Sindrome from the proper illness; “sudden death” is not statistically established but can be according to our statistics between one death of every 500 patients in fifteen years.

In other words, they are treating patients suffering from Arnold Chiari I Sindrome by means of a sub-occypital craniectomy with a higher mortality rate than its natural evolution. Whereas with the section of the filum terminale, which has proved in 134 operated patients of Arnold Chiari I Sindrome the elimination of the cause, the mortality rate and morbility is 0%.

Dr. Royo Salvador

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