III Meeting “Chiari & Scoliosis Foundation” for patients. Lyon. France.

Published by at 16 October, 2010


Domaine St Joseph – LYON – France

Saturday 16th of October 2010


08:30 -Welcoming.

09:00 Introduction– Ms. Gioia Lué. Psychologist. General protocol for Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, Idiopathic Syringomyelia and Scoliosis. Considerations on the quality of life, before and after a Section of the Filum Terminale (SFT) surgery.

10:00 – Coffee break.

10:15 – Speech – Dr. M. B Royo Salvador. Neurosurgeon and Neurologist.
Presentation of the results of the first 300 operated patients with the Section of the Filum Terminale (SFT).

1. Known symptoms of Arnold Chiari I, Idiopathic Syringomyelia and Scoliosis.
2. Misknown symptoms of Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, Idiopathic Syringomyelia and Scoliosis.
3. Advantages and disadvantages of the Classic Surgery.
4. Advantages and disadvantages, clinic and surgical protocol of the SFT.
5. Future prospects and their evolution after the SFT.


Presentation of A.M.I.S. of M.O.M. association

Presentation of the “Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation”.
Presentation of the Italian association Ai.sac.si.sco: Chiari, Syringomyelia and Scoliosis.

12:00 – 13:00 Questions and Debates.

15:00 – CONSULTATIONS (only an diagnostic approach for new cases).

Dinner for the ones who wish to extend their stay.
Lively evening- organized by the A.M.I.S. des M.O.M association.
Possible on site bedding at the St. Joseph domain with reservation.
Sunday: Breakfast.
Notice: The program could be subject to change.


Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph
38 allée Jean Paul II
F- 69110 Sainte Foy lès Lyon · Francia


Photographic report of the reunion:


Reportaje de la reunión

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