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Violetta. Idiopathic Syringomyelia, Cord Traction Syndrome. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome and Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Published by at 12 September, 2013

Surgery date: October 2011


Good day.

At the age of six years our daughter started having health problems: some trouble with the left foot, she wasn’t able to walk on it entirely, the heel would always be “hanging” in the air, then the scoliosis appeared, one shoulder was higher than the other, she wasn’t able to walk properly on both feet and stand up straight, also some behavioural problems appeared.

Upon having a MRI of her back in March 2012 she was diagnosed with syringohydromyelia. On the one hand we were happy to have found the cause of the problem, on the other hand, we did not know what to do next. We started to search, see neurosurgeons, during one and a half years we were researching and visiting hospitals for consultations, but, unfortunately, we weren’t convinced, we would have entrusted our little girl to any of these doctors, I think that many moms and dads will be able to understand.

We continued to research and in August 2011 we found the Institut Chiari de Barcelona over the Internet, we send them the images and started to communications.

Yes, the surgery was expensive for us, but our girl’s health is much more valuable than anything else. We got a loan and went to Barcelona. The surgery was carried out on 25 October 2011.

Dr. Royo transmitted serenity and reassurance, the surgery went very well, and on 30 October we were already celebrating my daughter’s 9th birthday on the Tibidabo mountain.

We did not notice the improvements immediately, but the shoulders gradually levelled, she can walk on her left foot now. The magnetic resonance images from May 2013 showed a favourable evolution. We want to thank the entire staff of the Institut Chiari and CIMA hospital, Nina and all the contact persons and without doubt express our affection gratitude to Dr. Royo! Thank you very much, everyone!

Svetlana, Violetta’s mother, [email protected]

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