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Dr. Franceso Crocè. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, Cervial Syringomyelia, herniated cervical disc, Chronic vascular cerebral insufficiency.

Published by at 23 October, 2007

Date of intervention: October 2007


I am a 48 year old doctor.

My clinic history, resuming it, begins the 20/05/2007, at the end of a soccer game, I felt pain in the region of the left scapular.

Thinking it was a muscular pain, I attended therapy with an anti inflammatory non- steroid drug named “Fans” and Cortisone, obtaining no results.

I decided then to have an cervical MRI done, that unfortunately evidenced Arnold Chiari I and a small Syringomyelic cavity in C5-C6 and a Herniated disc in C5-C6.

I went to consult the neurologists and neurosurgeons who confirmed the diagnosis.

The pain was strong, it continued but it had a special characteristic, the pain disappeared when I laid on my bed.

Some neurosurgeons recommended me to have the Decompression done.

After 4 months of physical and psychic suffering, I discovered through the internet that the Neurologic Institute of Barcelona, Dr. Royo Salvador practiced an intervention which was minimally invasive (section of the filum terminale) for Arnold Chiari I and Syringomyelia.

I decided to contact by mail and by phone with Dr. Royo and I ended up in Barcelona the 22/10/2007.

At the medical visit, I presented a clinical setting with pain in the scapular irradiating to the left superior extremity, pain and clumsiness in the inferior extremities, in the pectoral muscle, entotic sounds, decrease in the strength of the right superior extremity, Nystagmus, mental confusion and nocturne Apnea.

I decided to go through the intervention of the filum terminale on 23/10/2007.

In the immediate post-operation I recovered my strength in the right superior extremity, attenuating quite a lot the left cervicobraquialgia (combination of pain in the arm and cervical column).

At the clinic control after one month from the intervention I recovered almost all the strength in the right superior extremity, the cervicobraquialgia attenuated even more and now I have a better mental clarity, I still notice entotic sounds, clumsyness in the inferior extremities, light back pains and in my left shoulder but I don´t have nocturne apneas anymore.

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