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Joanna. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome and Idiopathic Scoliosis. Medullar traction Syndrome.

Published by at 2 December, 2009

Date of the intervention: December 2009
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In October 2009, I was diagnosed with the Arnold Chiari I Syndrome. In my profession, I am a lawyer and a law professor in Lyon, France. I would like to share this testimonial in relation with the suggested technique by the Institut Chiari de Barcelona to cure patients suffering from Arnold Chiari I syndrome. I wasn´t given any treatment in France to cure this disease. (Only a symptomatic treatment and very little efficient against pain).

Then, I contacted the Institut Chiari de Barcelona to find out if in my case I was indicated for the technique of the section of the filum terminale, a minimal invasive technique and with a minimal post-surgery follow-up. The surgery took place in December 2009 in the CIMA clinic of Barcelona and was practiced by Dr. Royo Salvador from the Institut Chiari de Barcelona.

I am patient number 300 to benefit from this new technique. In relation to the surgery benefits I can testify them since they are quite important. After two months from the surgery I can say that all my symptoms have disappeared. I will list my principal symptoms which have disappeared completely right after the surgery, starting by the most disabling: – Unbearable and continuous headaches, without being able to calm them with painkillers; – Permanent fatigue with the necessity to take numerous naps along the day; – constant pain and stiffness in the nape of my neck (impossible to turn my head vertically or horizontally); – pain in back and shoulders; – difficulty in breathing (during 6 months since June 2008 I had almost permanent cough and since then with quite a lot of frequency), pain in my chest (a weight); – pain in my right leg (impossible to lean on it and to walk normally); – other symptoms: tension in my face and limbs, teeth grinding at night, difficulty to keep my eyelids up…
My welcoming at the Institut Chiari and the CIMA clinic was very warm and very professional (notably in the precision of the diagnosis). The places I stayed at and the room at the clinic is well taken care of and pleasant. The staff is always attentive. I spent one night at the clinic after the surgery and was able to go back to France by plane. As an anecdote, I can say that after the clinic discharge, I took a walk around Barcelona and went out to dinner with my friend that accompanied me, who also went through this surgery around two years ago.

The post-surgery was only a small discomfort during the 10 following days at the sacrum level at a sitting position or half sitting. The scar is about 3 cm but in my case after two months from the surgery, it is invisible (some months ago I had a freckle removed and the scar now is visible and the one from the surgery of the filum terminale y imperceptible).

With this, I give myself permission to testify that all these symptoms have disappeared since the surgery of the section of the filum terminale practiced by Dr. Royo, which brings beneficial results and unavailable (and not proposed in France) to patients suffering Arnold Chiari I Syndrome. To finish up, I have realized that the earlier the patient is treated, more spectacular are the results that can allow to live a normal life, therefore, it is of interest to propose this surgery to patients who are affected as soon as they have been diagnosed. I give a thousand thank you´s to Dr. Royo and all the Institut Chiari team! I wish them a long life, a good future other than a lot of perseverance in their profession.

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