Kevin Espinoza. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, Syringomyelia

Published by at 19 March, 2015

Kevin’s letter to Dr Royo with an update


Dear Dr Royo,

I am writing to you to say hello and to inform you that I am feeling very well since you performed the Surgery. My family and I are truly very grateful to you, because otherwise I would not have been able to spend such great moments with them. I started exercising these days, because I am a little heavy and that is not good for my health.

Really! Thank you again for giving me my life back and being able to enjoy so many things.

I will always be in debt with you.

Kevin Espinoza
[email protected]

Date of intervention: May 2007

My name is Kevin Espinoza Semenario, I am 14 years old, I am from Peru (LIMA), and I have Arnold Chiari 1 syndrome , Syringomyelia and Traction to medular syndrome..

I began to have the first symptoms in November of 2006, with strong headaches, I was nervous, I displayed fatigueness although i hadn´t done any physical efforts.

By the end of the month in March 2007, I was at school and began to feel bad, i had intense pain coming from my head, I lost the notion of the space, my breathing was anxious, the pressure was low, and I couldn´t speak clearly, It was difficult to remeber words let alone pronounce them.

My parents made the inquires of these results with different neurosurgeons in the country and all informed him that the only exit for the disease was to do a craniectomic suboccpital.

They never accepted this type of intervention, we were destroyed but we never lost faith, and they (my parents) felt sure to find another type of intervention that existed and that wasn´t obsolete and that offered guarantee. My parents spent various nights searching on internet this disease and through this route he located Doctor Royo Salvador and began to find out on the type of surgery that he practised on diverse patients, and the exit it had.(Filum Terminal).

Including my parents also communicated with other patients that had suffered the same disease and that were intervened by Doctor Royo Salvador. Infront of all this darkness we saw the light.

Hence, from then on, we began to maintain in contact with the Institue Neurologic of Barcelona through the Gúzman Mulatilo family and they began to make arrangements to travel to Spain – Barcelona and Doctor Royo Salvador was who operated on me.

On the 28th of May I was in Barcelona, they did all the pre-operatory examinations and on the 29th of May Doctor Royo Salvador was operating on me, by means of his technique of the section Filum Terminal.

The operation lasted 30 mins, 5 hours later, I began to recover to sensiblity to the temperature in the superior part of the thorax, walked the day after and the discharged me from the hospital.

Now I am not fatigue, i walk without any problem, i don´t have headaches, I´m not nervious, my body responds to hot and cold stimuli and my apetite has increased, the colour of my skin has changed, I don´t have backaches. What I can´t understand is that why is this technique not practised in other places around the world, because neurosurgeons insiste on cruel surgery and obsolete (craniectomic suboccpital) that doesn´t guarantee your life.

I have knowledge that this technique from Doctor Royo has been exposed in different places and by different means (congress, books, forums, WEB PAGE etc).

There are millions of people in this world, that suffer this illness and that can be liberated from the situation, because this bad existance cures.

If the technique Filum Terminal extends around the globe, a lot of lives woule be saved.

El Doctor Royo has given our family back the tranquility and as well as stability, and we always had confidence in him as from day one, and for me he has given me the possibilty to continue on with life.

My gratitude to my family, to Doctor Royo, the Gúzman family, Gúzman Espinoza, and to every person that prayed for me, and God because he guided my steps. I hope that this testimony will help the people with this illness.

If you would like to communicate with me my email is:

[email protected]

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