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All you need to know about chiari, syringomyelia and scoliosis


The Filum Disease arises due to an anomalous traction exerted by the filum terminale ligament. Its symptoms and signs involve the entire nervous system, the cranium and the vertebral column. The three disorders are expressions of this disease and can share the same symptoms.

Arnold Chiari Syndrome I

Headaches, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, neck pain, dysphagia, insomnia, concentration and memory alterations.

The Arnold Chiari Syndrome I consists in a descent of the lower part of the cerebellum, the cerebellar tonsils, into the spinal canal through the foramen magnum, without any other medullary-vertebral malformations.

Idiopathic Syringomyelia

Thermal and tactile sensitivity alterations, paresthesias, gait alteration, instability and limb pain.

Syringomyelia consists in a liquid cyst inside the spinal cord, which is a result ofthe death of spinal cord tissue occurring as a consequence of the lack of bloodflow due to the traction exerted by a tight filum terminale.

Idiopathic Scoliosis

Lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, gait alterations, inability to move because of back pain and paresthesias.

Scoliosis consists in an anomalous lateral misalignment of the vertebral column, which is the result of a mechanism to compensate thespinal cord traction produced by a tight filum terminale.

Filum System® Health system

The Filum System® is a health method that has been successfully applied to more than 1000 patients.

– Worldwide pioneer diagnostic method.

– Innovative neurosurgical treatments through minimally invasive techniques.

– Personalized information and medical follow-up.

– Neurorehabilitation guidelines.

– Therapeutic orientation at distance.

– 40 years of research.

– Etiopathogenic studies and evidence.

– Over 20 years of treatment application.

– The Filum System® is being taught and accredited by the Filum Academy Barcelona®.



Excellent clinical and surgical outcomes.

No relevant complications.

High rate of patient satisfaction.

Eliminates the cause of the diseases.

Stops the progression of the diseases.


Improves the quality of life

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