Natalia Sotnikova. Arnold Chiari I, Cord Traction Syndrome. Descent of the cerebellar tonsils. Idiopathic Syringomyelia and idiopathic scoliosis.

Published by at 26 September, 2012

Surgery date: May 2012


Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador performed surgery on me on 31 May 2012 and since then I hold this date as the date of my second birth!

These aren´t bombastic words; this is my current and objective existence.

I learned about my disease after having a MRI done in 2012. Beforehand I had been diagnosed with chondrosis and had been treated for it during twenty years. When I said that I didn´t feel anything in the right half of my body, the doctors shrugged their shoulders as if they didn´t understand what I was talking about, or would just ignore the information. But what was worst for me was that with every year that passed it was more impossible to explain to myself or to the doctors my sensations; I started to understand that something was happening to me, something anomalous, even though I was conscious of it. Everything would annoy me, I´d get tired quickly, as if all strength had left me, the world often seemed gray, I felt that I wasn´t alive anymore, that I was looking at everything from another world….I even struggled to chat to someone about something, it used to be so easy before – it seemed as if I had a dual personality….Altogether I felt as if my age was at least of 80 years and that every day could be the last –  it was unbearable!

It slowly drove me crazy. On top of everything there would be «surprises», for example, I could drop my handbag when walking, things would double up in front of my eyes, I could lose my balance and start to stagger about. I didn´t have any strength to get up in the mornings: my whole body ached as if I had taken a beating, it felt as if I had a concrete block strapped to the lower back – that´s how heavy it was,  during the nights I´d get up countless times to go to the bathroom, almost every five minutes.  After the diagnosis, our doctors (up to and including the main neurologist of the city, Dr. Doronin) unanimously affirmed that «you have been born like this so you are going to live like this», they then prescribed a therapy, but it didn´t help at all… My hope was on the Internet, I´d spent hours in front of the computer, but … everything to be found about my disease on the websites of Russian medical institutions and main hospitals I had already read. I couldn´t find anything new….until one day, this happened in February 2012, I came across the Institut Chiari website – a discovery for me!!! I couldn´t believe it! From that moment on I didn´t doubt for one second that this was my SALVATION. And until today I thank Dr. Royo with HUGE GRATITUTDE and WORDS OF RECOGNITION for giving me a second life. After surgery my organism is returning to my previous life, and understand that I can once again laugh sincerely, and look towards the future without fear…

After surgery I promised the doctor that I would pray for him each day, until the end of my days and this is the truth….I simply don´t have the words to express my sentiment of appreciation  and gratitude for his effort, knowledge, work, because he REALLY DOES HELP!

I whish him HEALTH, HEALTH and once again HEALTH for many successful years.



19.09.2012, Rusia, Novosibirsk

My contact numbers: +7 8913-920-04-48, +7 8953-764-69-30

Skype: sotnikova.natalya

E-mail: [email protected]

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