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Published by at 13 December, 2011

Sònia Asín. Medullary Traction Syndrome. Idiopathic scoliosis.


Surgery date: October 2000

My name is Sònia Asín and I am Dr. Royo´s patient, more specifically his 12th case. My life had always been tied to scoliosis since I was diagnosed when I was nine years old.

The diagnosis was made because I was always complaining about backache and for some time I could hardly even sit.

My paediatrician said that swimming would heal me. And I did swim during many years, but at 18 years old, my scoliosis was of 48º dorsal and 50º lumbar.

It was then when I had the great fortune to meet Dr. Royo and from the first moment on, I trusted him completely. Everything that he explained seemed logical and coherent to me. I remember that Dr. Royo asked a simple question during the first appointment that meant a lot to me: Which are your problems? That´s when I realized that I was face to face for the first time with a doctor who understood what it meant to have scoliosis. He understood that it is not only about the deviation of the column, but also about suffering from pain in the neck and lower back permanently, contractions from the top o the end of the back, that my hands would fall asleep, cramps in the soles of my feet…

When I decided to have the surgery, in 1999, I knew that before me there had been only eleven other people and that after the surgery I would have to lie in bed without being able to move for about ten days, but I felt that I was in the best possible hands and I was not afraid at all. When I woke up, Dr. Royo explained to me that the surgery had gone better than well since he had been able to apply a new technique with me that allowed cutting the Filum Terminale in such a manner that I would be able to get up from bed the next day.
And that is what happened, I got up the next day, I walked, and three days later I was able to go back home.

After the surgery many of the pains that I had, disappeared and my everyday life became much less pain filled.
And as if it were not enough, two years later we had the unbelievable surprise to find the scoliosis corrected by 10º in each curve.
I have only Dr. Royo to thank for this. Thirteen years later I haven´t had any doubt to place my six-year-old daughter in his hands (she had surgery in October 2011). Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the years of research and struggle for help for people like my daughter and myself.

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