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Stephen Owens, Neuro-Cranio-Vertebral Syndrome. Filum Disease. Descent of the Cerebellar Tonsils (DCT.Arnold- Chiari Syndrome). Polydiscopathy.

Published by at 27 August, 2018

Surgery Date: July 2016

Jesus led me to the Institute de Chiari de Barcelona, and the clinic/surgeons/staff in Spain saved my life, got me out of the bed, and gave me and my family HOPE and a quality of life! I whole-heartedly recommend that patients struggling with Chiari or tethered cord (tight filum) or related syndromes research and contact one of the bilingual staff and start the process of education, relief and HOPE! Most professional atmosphere my wife and I have experienced during my struggle. Per the Institutes recommendations and with the diligent and wonderful help of Katharina Kuhn: traveled from the US (Mississippi) to Barcelona, had pre-testing done here in Mississippi, stayed down the road from the clinic/hospital in Barcelona, received a complete 2 hour pre-surgical exam with explanation of my conditions and what the surgery would entail by Dr. Fiallos, received surgery/care from Institute/Dr. Fiallos, wonderful post-op care, and a thorough post-testing before my wife and I returned to the US. Again, we were amazed at the professionalism throughout the entire process, and are doing are part to provide awareness that HOPE can be found at the Institute de Chiari in Barcelona. God Bless you and your entire staff!

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