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In 1977 Professor Sergio Mantia, a orthopaedist and physiatrist physician, decided to open a physical therapy surgery in Palermo, his hometown, involving of his sons Roberto, Fabrizio and Marcello as soon as they finished their studies. The surgery was turned into the Centro Medico Mantia in the 90ies, a health centre accredited by the Sicilian Region. The current installations in Via de Spuches were opened in 2003 and are today managed by the three Mantia brothers, in cooperation with an important group of physicians and physiotherapists.

The Centro Medico Mantia has installations of more than 1500 m² that are distributed in a private and a subsidised sector. It is equipped with generous waiting areas, four gyms, a pool for rehabilitation, pools for the hot-cold vascular circuit, numerous facilities for therapies and appointments and a new area dedicated to medical wellness.

The Centro Medico Mantia integrates rehabilitation activities with numerous multi-specialty outpatient centres for care activities and scientific research. In 2007, the Study and Research Department was established in order to scientifically codify the effectiveness of the different rehabilitative therapies (physical and manual) and to draw up rehabilitation guidelines based on scientific evidence. The outcomes of the research activity were published in the main medical-scientific journals and presented in international conferences. The Centro Medico Mantia has multifold co-operations and agreements with universities and research entities.

Developing outpatient activities and the strategic choice to pursue innovation have contributed over the years to the transformation from rehabilitation centre into a diagnostic and care institute. This culminated 2013 in the opening of the Research and Care Institute Sergio Mantia, a new multi-specialty outpatient centre located within the main installations.



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