Published by at 9 March, 2015

Yesterday, on Wednesday 4th, an encounter between the writer and patient of  ours, Mrs Natalia Kalinina,  and Dr Miguel B. Royo Salvador took place in the main offices of the Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona (ICSEB).



Her newest novel, “The Secret of the Black Book”, has recently seen its second edition and on the inside it includes a warm dedication to Dr Miguel B. Royo,  Dr Marco V. Fiallos and the rest of the ICSEB team.

“… readers make a novel big and their enthusiasm justifies it, but also patients, with their commitment, illusion and strength, push us to keep on researching and to give the best of us…” said the Spanish scientist.

The meeting was an opportunity for Dr Miguel B. Royo to present the writer with his publication Filum System® – A Short Guide. 2nd Edition (Spanish). Two different styles, but similar passion.

As a fruit of this encounter, and of the author’s sensitivity for all those who suffer from the filum disease, especially her Russian fellow citizens, it is possible that even closer collaboration will see the light. Who will write the first lines?

 Natalia Kalinina is a Russian writer with great editorial success; she has published 17 novels and series of autobiographic stories up to date that have been acclaimed by the critic. She has sold more than 350 000 copies.


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