Marisa Toscano: Cord Traction Syndrome with Arnold Chair I Syndrome and Idiopathic Scoliosis.

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Surgery date: June 2009

Mrs. Toscano and her husband tell their story about their fight for health and against the disease that has affected the patient for more than ten years.

After the appearance of different neurovegetative disorders, which were interpreted immediately as a “lack” in carrying out her activities, or as a mental problem, for years the patient got various “unlikely” diagnoses, from carpal tunnel to sclerosis, she even mentions that one doctor suggested to take a trip on a cruise ship!

She recalls suffering so much due to not knowing what was one wrong with her, that she was even happy the day they told her had the Arnold Chiari I Syndrome.

That is when she started a long search for information on the Internet, about the disease and its possible cures. None of the doctors she approached was able to help her, they only suggested decompression or imply that she wait until she got worse and not do anything meanwhile, leaving the craniectomy as a last choice.

Despite her family’s scepticism regarding her approaching a unknown centre discovered over the Internet and given the fact that the symptoms were increasing, Marisa had a consultation with Dr. Royo in June 2009, and she underwent the SFT surgery.

She explains that currently, in the check up four years after surgery, the symptoms have almost disappeared. She adds that thanks to the information received from Dr. Royo’s team about the possible family history of the Filum disease and the traction, she has also been able to help her daughter, who was suffering from scoliosis and headaches, and just like her, once she had been examined at the Institut, she underwent the same procedure with excellent results.

After going through some difficult years the couple confirms finally having found a valid response to a health problem that seemed not to have any, also the patient’s husband tells us about the improvement in both their quality of life, not just the patient’s.

The Antoci Toscanos are fighting a constant battle for the rights of Neuro-Cranio-Vertebral Syndrome and Filum Disease patients in order to be able to choose having surgery with Dr. Royo’s team at the Insitut Chiari de Barcelona, the only highly specialized centre in the treatment of the minimally invasive Sectioning of the Filum Terminale.

Marisa’s testimonial


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