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Elizabeth Streit. Idiopathic Syringomyelia. Idiopathic Scoliosis. Multiple disc disease. Odontoid retroflexion.

Published by at 21 January, 2019

Surgery date: 28/08/2018
Filmed: 07/09/2018



 My name is Elizabeth Streit, I was born in Mexico but I live in Philadelphia (USA).

I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia in 2015. I had strong pain in my neck, constant thoracic and back pain. I consulted different doctors, neurologists and neurosurgeons to discover what I had. For many years, I was diagnosed with various conditions related to anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia. Then I decided to search on the Internet in Spanish, which is my mother tongue, and I found the Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona and Dr. Royo’s research. In 2015 I got in touch with them for the first time by sending an email to request information about the procedure. Out of fear and because of where I was living, I also looked for specialized doctors in the US. However, the treatments proposed by many of them were pharmacological and they did not help me. I was very sensitive to medication and the surgeries they indicated were obviously much more complicated.

This year I decided to contact the Institute Chiari again and, after they received my information, I could send all my medical files via web. It was easy, they reviewed my case and got back to me immediately. They answered me saying that I was a potential candidate for the application of the sectioning of the filum terminale surgery.

I thank God for the existence of this institute, because after surgery my pain improved tremendously; I have neither pain in my neck nor in my back or chest.

I can say that this institute is excellent, I feel very well 10 days after surgery.

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