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With the objective to introduce to and train on the Filum System® all healthcare professionals who aim at gaining a deeper knowledge of the Filum Disease, FAB® offers two training options:

  1. The “Filum System® MEDICAL” (formerly Filum System® Sanitary) provides the healthcare professional with a whole set of knowledge based on the 12 clinical protocols that form part of this method.
  2. The “Filum System® SURGERY” urther complements the previous one with four additional protocols, amongst them the surgical ones. The best tools and most solid knowledge in the surgical and care aspects are employed so that a medical centre in form of a replica of the “Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona” can be created, and so guaranteeing the best treatment outcomes.


Teaching staff

Dr. Royo Salvador, Miguel Bautista. Neurosurgeon and Neurologist. Director of the Filum Academy Barcelona®.
Fiallos Rivera, Marco Vinicio, MD. Neurosurgeon. ICSEB.
Horia Salca, MD. Neurosurgeon. ICSEB.
Prof. Rodríguez Baeza, Alfonso. Professor of the Anatomy and Embryology department. Autonomous University of Barcelona. UAB.
Ollé Fortuny, Gabriel, MD. Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Reanimation. CIMA hospital.
Luè, Gioia. BSc, Clinical psychologist. ICSEB.
Jené Gaspar, Juan Manuel. Systems Departament. Europhone/ICSEB.

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