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Luz Belliard. Cord traction syndrome, Idiopathic Scoliosis, Descent of Cerebellar Tonsils (DCT)

Published by at 5 February, 2015


Date of Surgery: January 2013

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My name is Luz Belliard. I am 53 years old. I am from Dominican Republic and l live in Boston, MA. 4 years ago (16/12/2010), I was operated for “Arnold Chiari Syndrome” at Mass General Hospital in Boston. It was a very risky brain surgery that lasted 7 hours.

The first 11 months after this surgery were wonderful. All of my symptoms had disappeared. But in November 2011, my nightmare started once again. I started having dizziness and headaches.

On 24th December 2011, when I was singing in the church, I fainted. Since then, I started having the same symptoms that I used to have before the surgery.

I had severe pain and pressure in the head (like electric shocks); unsteadiness; stiff neck; dizziness (that used to occur regularly after I used to feel the pressure in the head); leg pain especially in the right one and in the arm (swelling in the knees, weakness and sometimes tingling); severe back pain; neck discomfort, which prevented me from taking my head backwards. When I stopped quickly or turned my head, I felt the pressure and it used to produce imbalance in the body. I couldn’t go up or down stairs alone, because immediately in the third or fourth step I could not stand the pressure in my head and dizziness. It caused the difficulty in breathing and very often I had breathlessness. I was always tired; I used to get tired even while doing my bed. I used to be a restless person, I never used to stop, I was always active. With all these problems, my whole life had changed. For me the summer and winter were the same, as I was always cold; sensations of tinnitus and suffered from anaemia and chronic constipation.

From December 2011 until today all the time I have been in the hospital visiting different neurologists and have lost the count of all the medical tests that I’ve gone through, receiving different diagnoses. So far, none of the doctors or the surgeons who operated me, wanted to admit that I had the same symptoms as before the operation. Without help from doctors, my sister and my brother began searching on the Internet and found all the information about Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador.

2 years ago (1/15/2013), I was operated in Barcelona (Spain) at the Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona by Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador and his team. When I came for the surgery, I was in very bad shape and came on a wheelchair; the right side of my body was not working well, the head pressures were constant, I had pains, fatigue, etc., and all other symptoms related to the disease.

The team of Dr. Royo Salvador received me very well, with professionalism and respect. I was evaluated and routine test were performed. On the day of the surgery I was hospitalized in the clinic, I thought I was in a 5-star hotel and Dr. Royo himself received me. The operation took only 45 minutes and the next day I was walking. I spent two days in the hospital. When I left, the doctor told me to go for a walk around Barcelona and we did the same. A week later I returned to Boston, Massachusetts where I live. After one month, I had recovered completely and all my symptoms had disappeared. I started following my normal life, “full time” work and doing all my routine things in the house and some exercise. I had recovered my life back again.

My recommendation for all people suffering from this disease is to get diagnosed immediately, not to waste time and it is best to have surgery with Dr. Royo. In this way the recovery is faster and the damages are less. I want to thank God, Dr. Royo and his team for giving me back my health and life. Thanks to all my family and my friends for supporting me and not leaving me alone at this stage of my life.

In case of any doubt or question, you can contact me.

Thanks a lot

Luz Belliard

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