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Report about Séverine Mathieu. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome and Idiopathic Scoliosis.


Note by ICSEB:

Severine has walking difficulties since childhood and experiences a great number of chronic and limiting symptoms. At the age of 18 years she undergoes a decompressive craniectomy. She has completed different rehabilitative therapies without achieving any improvement.

On 03 June 2013 we observe, among other things, the following: the manifest walking limitations, the muscular strength (measured with a dynamometer) lower than normal as well as asymmetric, that the majority of her reflexes are pathologic and an important difficulty to focus on objects.

On 05 June 2013, few hours after the sectioning of the filum terminale, we observe the positive changes that Severine is experiencing. Amongst others: achievement of a walking pattern that is virtually normal, augmentation of the muscular strength, a number of reflexes show normalisation and she can focus on objects with much less difficulty.

We are content with having been able to contribute to the stopping of the progression of the diseases that Severine facing. The possibility to experience improvements exists from now on and many of the injuries can potentially be recoverable with rehabilitation.

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