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Anthony and Laura Ierano: Cord Traction Syndrome and Arnold Chiari I

Date of Anthony’s surgery: March 2012

Date of Laura’s surgery: June 2012

Mr. Ierano had been suffering from symptoms for some months in the right body half, like tingling, paralysis of the limbs, walking problems, trouble with one of  his eyes, etc, and they were beginning to be disabling.

Following different tests, once he received the diangsis Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, they suggested a craniectomy to him, and that’s when his and his family’s search for other possible solutions started.

The patient recalls that he discovered ICSEB over the Internet and how other patients that he contacted helped him to organise his trip to Barcelona in little time. He immediately approached Dr. Royo for a consultation and underwent the sectioning fo the filum terminale surgery the next day.

He mentions that the next day he had already a sensation of improvement and that in the follow up a month later almost all his upsets had decreased noticeably or disappeared.

Laura Ierano. Anthony’s sister, tells us that thanks to the information about the disease she got at ICSEB, her family found out about its possible family history and they carried out check up MRI scans.

On top of finding out this way that her cerebellar tonsils were at the border of the foramen magnum, the young patient took advantage of her brother’s follow up to have an a consultation herself, and she realised that a lot of symptoms that she did not attribute to the disease before: repeatedly urinary infections, abdominal pains, walking problems, headaches, problems with cold temperature sensitivity, nystagmus, burning feeling of the legs and the stomach and muscle spasms.

At that time, Laura was studying at the hotel management school, Dr. Royo recommended not to make physical efforts or lift weight until the liberation of the spinal cord, but during an internship the girl lifted a 3 kg tray. And she felt sick. Faced with a quick deterioration of the symptomatological picture, she decided to undergo emergency surgery in June 2012, because the pain had become unbearable.

The Ieranos are in Barcelona for their follow up one year after surgery and thank Dr. Royo and the ICSEB team for the improvement of their life quality and us from the team thank them for the help that they currently offer to other patients as AISACSISCO representatives.

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