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Published by at 20 March, 2014


Dear students:

In the name of everyone at the FILUM ACADEMY BARCELONA®, we would like to welcome you all dearly to this academic year 2014-2015.

Since ancient times, mankind has focused on dealing with symptoms of the most varied diseases. Centuries later we see that many of the great names in medicine, those that really left a mark in history, took a step further by interpreting the symptoms in order to find their causes.

In present times, there are different ways in which professionals approach the cord traction symptomatology. For this reason, here at the FILUM ACADEMY BARCELONA®, we provide our students with two approaches to this new concept of disease.

Firstly, in form of the “FILUM SYSTEM® SANITARY” that will equip the student with a whole bank of knowledge based on the complete development of the twelve protocols that make up the method.

Secondly, the “FILUM SYSTEM® SURGERY” standard that complements the previously mentioned one and makes use of the best tools and the most solid expertise in its surgical and care aspects in order to create a replica body of the “INSTITUT CHIARI & SIRINGOMIELIA & ESCOLIOSIS DE BARCELONA”.

Promoting this new concept of disease, the “Filum Disease” is the only motivation driving the members of this academy; of which we hope you soon will be able to be a part of.

The academic staff is extensive and varied. Here, different international and educational backgrounds come together and provide beyond doubt an adequate room for dialogue and thought, which is indispensible for grasping the essence of the FILUM SYSTEM® method.

Salvador PANIKER asked himself what “living more” consists of. Well: “…living more consists in treading simultaneously into the new and towards the origin, widening the belt of ambivalence, (…) suppressing the (ideological) anaesthesia, cutting across the inflation of signs that do not have a significance anymore, assuming a new appreciation of the difficult…”

In the awareness of the trust that you have placed in the FILUM ACADEMY BARCELONA®, all that remains is to encourage you to confront this journey that we are about to start together with responsibility, assiduousness and rigor.

Receive a warm-hearted welcome,

 Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador.




Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador.

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