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Anna Adell Querol. Idiopathic Syringomyelia. Cord Traction Syndrome.

Published by at 17 October, 2012


Surgery date: July 2012

About ten years ago, I started to get some aches in my arms. The doctors said that it was tendonitis, a wrong movement, …but the pain was always the same and I was gradually losing strength.

Last year I had an electromyogram done, because I virtually couldn´t hold a pen in my hand, and I was told that I had the Carpal tunnel syndrome. That surgery didn´t bring about any improvement for me, so they told me that it probably was the pronator syndrome.

We got in contact with Dr. Royo because of this, so that he could tell us what it could be approximately, but the day I went to the consultation he performed a physical examination, and due to the results he got he asked me to get more tests done, electromyograms, magnetic resonance,…

Once I had all the test results, I was diagnosed with the Cord-traction syndrome and idiopathic syringomyelia. And that´s where all my symptoms came from.

On 3 July 2012 I had the sectioning of the filum terminale surgery, and just eight hours after this procedure I had already regained one kilogram of strength in each arm.

Ten days afterwards I went back to Dr. Royo´s practice and I had already doubled the strength in each arm. During this time I have not had any pains at all in the arms, they don´t go numb or anything like that, it´s as if I´d never had any pain.

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