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Cristina Pascale. Mielopathy of Traction. Dorsal and Lumbar Hydrosyringomyelia

Published by at 3 April, 2009


Date of intervention: April 2009


My name is Cristina Pascale, I am 30 years old, I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am Dr. Royo´s patient who diagnosed me with “Mielopathy of Traction. Dorsal and Lumbar Hydrosyringomyelia”.

My symptoms appeared in April 2008 and were present like pain in the left foot that stopped only for a short while when I was under the effect of the anti-inflammatory pills.

Between June 2008 and March 2009 the situation became worse. I had a lot of pain in both of my legs and a lot of walking difficulties. The pain wasn´t constant – there were days when I was moving very slowly and days when my walking was almost normal. I had also pain in the back waist area.

Later on I have found on the INTERNET more information about my “problem”, I contacted the INSTITUTE , I have send my analyses and Dr. Royo was able to confirm a clear “Dorsal and Lumbar Hydrosyringomyelia” in my MRI scans, done in the September 2008.

In March 2009 I succeeded to solve all my other problems and go to Barcelona for control and intervention.

After Dr. Royo´s examination I decided that I wanted the intervention because this was my only chance. The following day I went to surgery and after a very short time my senses begun to come back to me.
After a month, I went back to Dr. Royo for a check up and up until now I have been noticing improvements. Progressively all my pain disappear and now I feel like a normal person. I feel that I am recuperated 100%.
I want to congratulate and thank Dr. Royo and his team and to mention that he offered me full support and encouraged me by standing by me.

As an advice: if you are diagnosed with “Hydrosyringomyelia” go to Dr. Royo because his intervention is the only real solution.

Cristina Pascale

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