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Clara Palau. Syringomyelia

Published by at 1 November, 2006


Date of intervention: November 2006

My name is Clara Palaun Verdú. I live in San Vicente (Alicante). I am 43 years old. My first back pains appeared during my first pregnancy 14 years ago and I felt stings in the dorsal area. The first years it was an annoying pain that permitted me living a relatively normal life but with time, the pain went intensifying and limiting more my every day activity.

After consulting various traumatologists, they diagnosed me in 2003 a Cervical Syringomyelic cavity in C4-C6 and Hydromyelia in the top dorsal section. The crisis I suffered I would describe them as an intense pain in the dorsal and cervical area, followed by Paresthesias, my right arm felt numb, which prevented me moving my arm normally. My everyday activity was very limited to the point that I stopped doing the majority of the house work like washing the dishes, sweep the floor, clean, it was even difficult for me to open and close drawers, hang the clothes up in the closet, hold the hairdryer with my right…

During months I tried to follow the medical treatment that I was indicated to relieve the pain, even knowing that the Syringomyelic cysts kept pressuring my spinal cord and that my only possibility, according to neurologist from the social security was to keep on taking this medication while I tolerated the pain or up until I had to have the cysts extracted with surgery. An operation that did not offer any guarantee in getting better; on the contrary it could aggravate the situation.

Under this expectative and seeing that my crisis were every time more continued and intense I contacted with Jesús Sánchez, a patient who had been operated by Dr. Royo with a new technique, not aggressive at all and with good results. I contacted immediately with the “Institute Neurológico of Barcelona” and after the first visit, I decided to go through the section of the filum terminale surgery with Dr. Royo on November 28th, 2006.

It has been already two months since they operated me and I have noticed quite improvement. I have only had a few crisis and less intense than before the operation. I can now do some home tasks, my arm doesn´t feel numb anymore and I feel more strength in my right arm. I have started to do some exercise and I feel better every day, so I encourage those people who suffer from Syringomyelia or are in a similar situation, to get in contact with Dr. Royo and appreciate the possibility of having done the section of the filum terminale. It is a simple operation that lacks risks and can bring a lot of benefits.

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