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Published by at 10 June, 2014

puerta_abierta_colaboradores_chiariThroughout my life as a researcher, I often wondered about the characteristics that would be required of the specialists that would join the Project and make their own the scientific, technical as well as care-related advances involved in a method such as the Filum System®.

In essence, it was absolutely necessary to establish the criteria to define good travel companions.

Above all: they should be honest, with themselves and of course with their patients, hard working, scientifically motivated, committed to a revolutionary Project, and absolutely approachable.

They should be very creative, capable of confronting day-to-day problems with case adapted responses, but with an open and not a restricted mind. They should be dynamic, with great knowledge in their clinical specialty and of all the research that we have been generating over the years.

The ideal medical collaborator should be accredited by an Academy certifying the obtained knowledge regarding the Filum System® method to be not only accurate, but also that it will be applied identically to the way it is applied nowadays at our Institut.

I must say that that for me it is a genuine pleasure to be able to count with all of them; a family that will grow in accordance with the imposition of the overwhelming logic of scientific evidence on this comfort zone, where certain neurosurgical patterns rest slightly numbed.

Partnerships need a bit of faith, trust and significant commitment, and we are absolutely convinced that the sum of all of them today makes the Filum System® method a little stronger.

Signed: Miguel Bautista Royo Salvador, MD, PhD.

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