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Marie-Pierre Mazière. Cord Traction Syndrome. Idiopathic Syringomyelia

Published by at 21 November, 2016

Surgery date: September 2013

Date of the video: November 2013

Hello. My name is Marie-Pierre Mazière, I am 51 years old and I have just been operated through the Sectioning of the Filum terminale method. My syringomyelia was discovered after many years of diagnostic confusion; I went through rheumatology and neurology services and finally after doing a MRI, my syringomyelia was discovered which, I think, would have been there for a long time. Since 2011 my state was followed-up by the reference centre in France. I immediately had problems in walking, had incontinence, balance problems, and the most complicated were the pains during the day and night and didn’t use to get relieve with many medicines that I was taking.

In 2013 my overall condition worsened with loss of sensation, first at the level of the fingers and then overall.

After a meeting with a neurosurgeon who was looking into my case, I immediately understood that my situation would remain as it was. I felt desperate. I refused to give up when I didn’t find a treatment that would have helped me to improve and I started looking online. I found the Institut Chiari team.

I decided to send my medical documents to have their opinion and very quickly I was offered an appointment that I accepted. During my medical consultation it seemed important to me to know what everything was all about and I was given a very clear explanation about the Sectioning of the Filum terminale and the effects it could have on the detention of the disease’s symptoms. I thought this could be beneficial and at the end of the visit I was sure that I wanted to get operated.

I accepted to get operated, which took place on September 26, 2013 and in the follow-up visit one month after the surgery, I can say that a great part of my symptoms have disappeared or have improved, above all I no longer have pain, I walk normally; the situations that caused me many problems.

It is a simple and safe treatment that can improve the quality of life and also restore sensitivity and motor skills. I am very happy with what has happened to me and I try to enjoy it. It’s a blessing.

An update to the video:

Date of the video: September 2016

Hello, I am Marie-Pierre Mazière. I came to the Institut Chiari for a follow-up three years after the surgery. I was operated on September 26, 2013 because I had a relatively important syringomyelia. At the time of the surgery, I was losing my walking ability and I had difficulties. After 3 years, the things have improved. My syringomyelia is diminishing and I have again found the pleasure of walking, of being able to commute and become head of services in a socio-medical centre, I can work full time and I enjoy it fully.

I am grateful to the Institut Chiari for accompanying me in this fight, which has been a difficult period of my life.

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