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Kerrin Allen. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, Syringomyelia C4, Idiopathic Scoliosis

Published by at 10 December, 2008


Date of intervention: December 2008


Hello my name is Kerrin Allen and I am from Sydney, Australia.

I am very fortunate to have found Dr Royo and his team at the Chiari, Syringomyelia & Scoliosis Institute of Barcelona. It helped me a great deal reading other patients stories, and I am happy to share details of mine.

I was diagnosed with Chiari Syndrome and Thoracic Syringomyelia in August 2007, after being admitted to hospital for testing. My symptoms included severe headaches and right leg pain and weakness. This eventually resulted in right leg paralysis and lack of sensation.

I had posterior fossa decompression surgery performed in Sydney, Australia in March 2008. The surgery was delayed as I had developed blood clots in my leg. My symptoms initially improved greatly, the headaches lessened and the leg paralysis improved to weakness, and I was able to walk around with a leg brace.

After a while my symptoms worsened again. The weakness in my right leg progressed and affected my left leg also. I became unable to stand without leg braces. My headaches, back pain and bladder problems worsened, and I began getting pain and pins & needles in my legs and burning in the soles of my feet. I also noticed odd sensations in my hands. I was again admitted to hospital for testing in Sydney, Australia and released without knowing what was causing my symptoms.

Dr Royo reviewed my scans and then saw me in Barcelona in December 2008. I was amazed that he could help me and at the other things he picked up like scoliosis, nystagmus and right hand weakness.

After reviewing me in December 2008 he performed a minimally invasive section of the filum terminale. This was to prevent my symptoms deteriorating and to eliminate the cause of my Chiari Syndrome. The pain from the surgery was minor.

Post surgery I woke up and noticed the pain and the pins & needles in my spine and legs were gone! Nine hours after surgery I could walk without any problem. I was standing up straighter, my headaches had disappeared, I could also see better and think clearly! My bladder problems have cleared and I feel like a new person. Other minor symptoms will continue to improve as my nervous system settles down and recovers. I was very fortunate that I didn´t have irreversible nerve damage. My walking continues to improve as I gain condition and my muscles strengthen. I am very happy with the results!

Dr Royo´s research and surgical skills have completely changed my life! I found him and his staff to be very professional, caring, understanding and passionate about helping people. I hope Doctors in Australia adopt his technique to help others here.

I will be forever grateful to Dr Royo, Samantha and his staff for helping me, and to my family for supporting me and making this possible. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information at [email protected]

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