2.1.1 Who should I contact to request information?

2.1.2 I do not live in Barcelona; can I send you my medical records for a diagnostic orientation at a distance?

2.1.3 How can I do that?

2.1.4 If I describe my symptoms and clinical situation via email or telephone, can you help me the same as in a medical consultation?



2.2.1 Where are the consultations held?

2.2.2 Do complementary tests and /or hospital admissions take place in the same facility?

2.2.3 I am a foreigner; once the indication of a consultation is established, can you help me obtain the visa for Spain?

2.2.4 Will there be a translation service available when I travel to your Institute?

2.2.5 Can I use your translation service during my stay in Barcelona, also a part from hospitalization and for touristic purposes?

2.2.6 When I come to your Institute for a first consultation and you confirm that a surgical treatment is required, can I stay on directly?

2.2.7 When a surgical indication is established, do I have to do preoperative tests and bring the results the day prior to surgery? Which ones?

2.2.8 Do I have to travel to Barcelona with an accompanying person?

2.2.9 Does my private health insurance or the public health system in my country cover the costs of the consultation and/or the surgical treatment?

2.2.10 Why do you request an ID or passport number to make a reservation for the surgical treatment at distance?

2.2.11 When I come to the Institute, can you provide a doctor’s note for work/school? I need a certificate of… (various)



2.3.1 Can my accompanying person stay in the hospital with me?

2.3.2 I am allergic to a number of foods. Will this be taken into consideration when I am hospitalized?

2.3.3 My religion prohibits consuming certain foods. Will the Hospital respect my beliefs?

2.3.4 I am taking a specific type of medication (chronic, acute…). Can the plant nurses supply it?

2.3.5 I am not comfortable on the ward and would like to be better attended. What can I do?

2.3.6 Is it possible to travel back home on the same day of discharge?

2.3.7 Does your Institute offer an Emergency service?



2.4.1 How can I get to the Institute from the airport? How long does it take?

2.4.2 If I drive or come with my own vehicle, can I park near your centre?

2.4.3 Can you recommend any hotel near your Institute?

2.4.4 Is the hotel stay included in the treatment costs?

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