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Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis of Barcelona

Dr. Antonio Victoria. Herniated disc, Cervical disectomy in C5-6 and Arthrodesis with titanium box.


Date of intervention: September 2006

From right here I wish to thank Dr. Royo. My name is Antonio Victoria, I am 47 years old and I am a doctor as a profession. I work in a service emergency general hospital, with a frenetic and intense activity.

Since a couple of months ago I started to notice the sensation of wearing an armor and squeezing in the legs mainly in the thigh regions, which at first I related to the heat and work excess. During a night guard I started to notice loss of strength in the arm and left leg thinking it was about a vascular brain accident. Finishing the guard I had an MRI done since I previously had some cervicalgias and I had sensibility loss in my first and second finger of my left hand. I was then confirmed that I had a cervical discopathy that protruded the spinal cord. It took me too minutes before I contacted with DR. ROYO from neurosurgery of the clinic Corachán of Barcelona and in a few days he resolved the case magistrally, being totally functional to go back to work. I encourage everyone who has these problems to not hesitate and act like I did. Best regards Miguel and THANK YOU SO MUCH. E-mail: [email protected]