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Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis of Barcelona

David Mirete. Herniated disk in left L5-S1.


Date of the intervention: July 2009

Hi, my name is David Mirete, I am 43 years old (42 when I was operated on), I live in Barcelona and I hope my experience will help you.

Approximately, a year ago before the surgery, I had pain in my back, which affected my left leg. As I belong to a mutual benefit society, I went and visited a traumathologist thinking it was a posture problem, since I work sitting down all day, or an overcharged muscle. The doctor told me then to have an MRI done to see what showed up. With the results in his hands…SURPRISE… you have a herniated disc in L5-S1, but still not ready to be operated on, just like a peace of fruit that needs to ripen, ha ha … According to the doctor the treatment I needed were physiotherapy sessions and that´s it, going through surgery is always the last option.

During the whole year I attended physiotherapy sessions, but the pain persisted. I had many tests done and the painkillers, tranquilizers and physiotherapy was always the ideal treatment.

In June; seeing that this did not work, desperate by the pain, always thinking that it was a simple hernia without importance, they recommend me an Osteopath. The Osteopath made me do a series of movements that made my pain disappear right after the appointment. I thought; this is great! At last, I have no pain! Two days later I almost couldn´t walk, I had to lay on my bed because of the pain and was so strong, I couldn´ t even go to the bathroom. I had a feeling that I would not be able to walk anymore. Three doctors had to come with urgency, each one with their correspondent treatment. I lost count of how many injections I had to calm my pain.

I told my father to make an appointment with Dr. Royo for me because this could not be normal. Curiously, Dr. Royo had already operated on my father three times, also my wife´s aunt and my cousin. One thing I was sure of, if someone had to operate on me, it had to be him, since he was like my family´s doctor.

I arrived with crutches and my curved back to the appointment, just as an 80-year old man, with incredible pain. The doctor told me this could be fixed only one way and this is what happened. I went through surgery on the 7th of July. I entered the surgery room with a lot of pain, but when I woke up from the anesthesia, the pain was gone, my suffering had disappeared; I could not believe it. The doctor told me I had been in such terrible pain because I did not just have a simple hernia. Two months later, I am feeling great, I go swimming, I can drive my car and soon I will be riding my motorcycle and living a normal life.

I only have words of gratitude for Doctor Royo and his kind, pleasant and professional team. I wish I had attended him much earlier but sometimes the surgery room frightens us, which should not happen with such team.

I only want this story to encourage people to really take in consideration their quality of life. As you can see, I had been suffering during the whole year I met Dr. Royo. Don´t make the same mistake, if you suffer from similar symptoms or if your doctor diagnoses you a back lesion, you should make an appointment with Dr. Royo, for sure you won´t regret it.

If you have any questions you can reach me on this number: (+34) 617 219 998 or send me and email at this address: [email protected]