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Published by at 21 November, 2014


On 14 November, we had the pleasure to witness the closure of the course “Diagnosis and treatment of the filum disease”, 2nd edition, in the main lecture room of the Filum Academy Barcelona®.  

The event was sponsored by the Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation 

and counted with the presence of Dr Alfonso Rodríguez-Baeza, Anatomy and Embryology professor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He delighted the participants with a splendid keynote speech with the title “Filum Terminale”.

Among the guests were representatives of areas such as neurosurgery, anaesthesia, cardiology, rehabilitation and the university sector. The researcher Dr Miguel B. Royo Salvador had moving words of thanks for all of them.

Dr Miguel B. Royo Salvador pointed out that: “… Scientific work is not always rewarded tangibly, but today is without doubt one of those days.

Disseminating the seven findings that we obtained after all those years of research is of great medical and social importance. For this reason, it is indispensable to unite our knowledge and to address the complexity of a disease that has turned out to the most frequent one of the human species …” 

The act ended with the reward of the diplomas to the participants of the course and an advance of some editorial news, that you will be informed about soon.

FAB®’s Filum System® SANITARY courses were accredited by the Catalan Council for Continued Training for health care professionals for the academic year 2014-15 as a Continued training activity for the course “Diagnosis and training of the Filum Disease, 2nd Edition” with training credits for attending physicians (registration: 09/11792-MD).



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Lección Magistral “Filum Terminale” a cargo del Catedrático, Dr. Alfonso Rodríguez-Baeza.

Keynote speech “Filum Terminale” by Professor Dr. Alfonso Rodríguez-Baeza.

De derecha a izquierda: Dr. Rodriguez-Baeza, Dr. Fiallos, Dr. Colet, Dssa. Luè, Sra. Nina Arutiounova, Sra. Lurdes Lozano, Sra. Mara Espino, Dr. Miguel B. Royo, Dr. Ollé, Dr. Victoria y Sr. Xavier Antón.

A snapshot from the session:

From right to left: Dr Rodríguez-Baeza, Dr Fiallos, Dr. Colet, Mrs Luè, Mrs. Nina Arutiounova, Mrs Lurdes Lozano, Mrs Mara Espino, Dr Miguel B. Royo, Dr Ollé, Dr Victoria and Mr Xavier Antón.

El debate se mantuvo apasionante incluso durante los breves momentos de descanso. De derecha a izquierda: Dr. Rodríguez-Baeza y Dr. Colet.

The discussions were passionate even during the brief recesses. 

From left to right: Dr Rodríguez-Baeza y Dr Colet.

Siguiendo con el programa del curso, era del todo necesaria una visita a los quirófanos.

A visit to the surgery room was absolutely necessary according to the course program.

Un encuentro entrañable entre el mundo de la ciencia y quien atiende a los pacientes en primera línea. De derecha a izquierda: Dr. Antonio Victoria y Dr. Miguel Royo.

A moving encounter between the world of research and those who attend the patients on the frontline. 

From right to left: Dr Antonio Victoria and Dr Miguel Royo. 

Una foto para el recuerdo: La satisfacción final por unas excelentes jornadas de trabajo. De derecha a izquierda y de arriba a abajo: Dr. Antonio Victoria, Sra. Yuka Takahashi, Dr. Miguel B. Royo, Dr. Filippo Iafanti, Sra. Mara Espino y Dssa. Gioia Luè.

A souvenir photograph: final satisfaction and excellent work sessions.

From right to left and up-down: Dr Antonio Victoria, Sra Yuka Takahashi, Dr Miguel B. Royo, Dr Filippo Iafanti, Sra Mara Espino and Dssa Gioia Luè.

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