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Abdallah Faisal Aljohani. Neuro-Cranio-Vertebral Syndrome, Filum Disease. Idiopathic Syringomyelia. Arnold-Chiari Syndrome I. Idiopathic Scoliosis. Multiple disc disease.

Published by at 23 December, 2016

Surgery date: April 2016


My name is Faisal, I am Abdallah’s father, he a fifteen-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia. I allow myself to tell you my son’s story, as it has been his mother and myself who have experienced his suffering in flesh and blood.

Abdallah’s probleme started with the atrophy of his left hand and the loss of sensitivity up to 50% in his left body half. Then he began to have more symptoms such as dizziness, cervical muscle contractures and pain in the upper back that intensified after a fall from a horse.

From 2015 onwards, his state deteriorated visibly and this is when the doctors in our country diagnosed syringomyelia and indicated a conventional surgery urgently.

I doubted a lot and decided to search on the Internet for the best specialist physicians in the field and I found the Institut Chiari de Barcelona and Dr. Royo Salvador and his wonderful team, and not to forget Dr. Marcos Fiallos, a great professional with a wonderful way to look after us…

I immediately contacted the Institut through the contact person for Arabic speaking patients, Mrs. Safaa El Idrissi, the “unknown soldier”, who helped us in everything and scheduled the first consultation with the physician on 20 April 2016. After the appointment, the doctor reached the conclusion that my son should undergo the sectioning of the filum terminale procedure and so he did on 21 April. The surgery was a success.

Abdallah’s state has clearly improved; I want to thank Dr. Marcos Fiallos and Mrs. Safaa and the rest of the Institut’s team.

The patient’s father.
Mr. Faisal Saad Al-Juhani
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