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Rafael A. Arévalo. Chiari I Syndrome, Syringomyelia and Scoliosis

Published by at 10 June, 2006

Date of intervention: June 2006


Next I detail the symptoms that I was noticing after the operation of Filum Terminal, things that before made my daily life difficult.

1. Cervical pain, now it has disappeared..
2. I am having more force in my legs.
3. I had constant pain in the lumbar region, now nothing.
4. I could not rotate my left hand outwards and now I do not have a problem to do it.
5. Before I could not mobilize my left toes well,and now they are normal.
6. Before in a certain position my left heel shook alot and now it doesn´t.
7. When walking I feel more strength in my legs.
8. The mobilization of the head is now free, before I found a limit when turning it.
9. I find myself more up right, without tension in the torso (from the waist up). Before I was like shrinking.
10. The incontinence went slowly improving, with the hope to recover the maxium possible.

Now in relation to my state of mood, it is much better, I leave and I enter constantly,I enjoy myself and work like a volunteer in an association that I preside and have done for some time. I´m not sure where i can reach in recuperating myself, but I have the security that I won´t allow it to win me over by any means. In addition, the sport that I´m practicing or exercises, I have done it as a part of daily life, and they are fun, they help me to feel better, and if everytime I can do more things that reinforces the hope and the conviction in one´s own capacities.

I hope to be of usefulness in whatever you need.

I send you a hug.

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