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Virginia. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome; idiopathic Scoliosis. Medullar Traction Syndrome.

Published by at 15 September, 2011

Date of surgery: June 2010


Date of surgery: June 2010

My name is Virginia, I am 37 years old and come from Bilbao. I am telling about my experiences first of all to thank Dr. Royo and Dr. Fiallos as well as the rest of the team for their good way of treating me, their simplicity and effectiveness during the consultations and surgical section of the filum terminale which was done on the 8th of June 2010 and that has relieved the symptoms I had.

Besides my growth having been complex during my childhood due to a delay in psychomotor, deficit in language and others, in July 2004 (30 years old) I went to the Neurologist because I was frequently falling on my knees having one side that went worse than the other without being able to give a correct explanation since I suffered the falls without contortion or stumbling. In the MRI of the 8th of July 2004, I was diagnosed with ARNOLD CHIARI I MALFORMATION but did not receive any explanation about such illness or future evolution.

Time passed by and more different symptoms appeared, such as generalized tiredness, morning sickness, vomiting, constipation, apathy, tics and pain on my left side. During years it´s cause has not been able to justify itself nor its origin and when it coincided with my period it left me confined in bed without being able to move, not even change posture. Even my gynecologist alerted me about it being a possible early menopause; as consequence of the neurologic malformation. In view of this situation, which became more and more painful and persistent, I was prescribed with a treatment for the vomiting, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressives and tranquilizers.

The first neurosurgeon to which I attended did not opted for any surgery or solution. The Neurologist recommended that I continue the internist indications and medication and that I come back in a year. My situation became unbearable because of the painful episodes and other symptoms, which confined me and affected different aspects of my life.

A family member found the Institut Chiari through internet. We did not have any doubt in consulting my case. The diagnostic was clear, my situation lead me to find a solution, which with the traditional medicine was not given and only offered me pills and more pills without evaluating my quality of life.

On the 8th of June 2010, I went through surgery in the CIMA clinic and my actual recovery is evident. I do not take any medication, only once in a while an Ibuprofen with my pre-period pains. I know the malformation is present but the relief has been conclusive: the nauseas have disappeared, the intercostal left pain and most of the tics as well and the uneasiness, which was constant. I see my future with hope. My degeneration, which my proper illness entails, has maybe been retarded.

Many thank you´s to Dr. Royo and I refer my testimonial hoping that my experience will help others who are in the situation that I have exposed and which today forms part of the past.

Sincerely yours
Your patient Virgina.

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