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Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis of Barcelona

Carmen Becerra Barranco. Stenosis of the vertebral lumbar canal and Lumbosciatica


Date of intervention: September 2006

We have taken some time before writing our experience to the forum about the intervention. As she does not know how to use the Internet, she asked me if I could write it for her, I am her daughter Maria del Mar.

You cannot imagine how happy we are and the whole family. My mother has recovered her life, since you performed surgery on her, you have brought her back the desire to live and dance, now more than ever she is enjoying life second by second. We will never now how to thank enough for all you have done. You have marked a before and an after because my mother was very bad and no one gave her hope of curing herself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now we want to tell our story from the beginning so that you publish it in the forum and if anyone reads it, will have some hope for a new life just like I have had. Probably what creates more credibility is seeing the results of the other patients. People have to know that what is written in the forums is exactly the truth.

This patient started 18 years ago to feel many symptoms and pains in her back, mainly in the lumbar zone. Maybe it could be normal, since she is the mother of 5 children and works in the agriculture field and has realized many efforts during all her life. All along these 18 years she attended centers where they pinched her needles or gave her massages, which at first gave her rest and some recovery, she also visited traumatologists that treated her with physiotherapy. She took all kinds of medicines trying to relieve the pain; even a year before the operation they injected her Ozone in the column. The traumatologists had recommended her to have surgery done in a way that they would introduce plates and screws that would make her feel better, but with a high risk of staying in a wheel chair and with some luck, after staying in bed for three months, she could live an almost normal life. They also told her if she did not have the surgery done, she would anyway have to stay in a wheel chair. We have many stories to tell from many doctors, but they all basically come to this same conclusion, “you must go though surgery or you will be in a wheel chair”. My mother did not feel very safe to go through this surgery here, so she decided to wait and be operated when she could not walk anymore.

Time went by until they told us the story about a lady who had gone though surgery on her column in the clinic Corachán in Barcelona by Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador. Thanks to her testimonial, my father made an appointment and went to the clinic. She brought all the tests she had and the Dr. saw them and said she had to be operated, but it would not be a complicated operation and the recovery would be also fast.

To tell you the truth, it all happened just as the Doctor told us it would be.

My mother went through the surgery on September 19th, from Lumbosciatic and Stenosis. The duration of the operation took three hours and it all went very well, she felt very relaxed and awake when they took her back to the room. On the 22nd of September she was given the discharge, we took a plane to Almería and with no problems.

Nowadays she is perfectly well, the pain she had before stayed in the surgery room.

The operation consisted in filing the bones in the column canal in various levels that were choking the nerves in the column; this is why she was losing sensibility in her legs.

We recommend to everyone who identifies himself or herself like my mother to attend Dr. Royo, for sure he will find a solution to your problem.

Thank you to all his team.

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