Alina Kvartalnaya. Arnold Chiari I syndrome. Idiopathic syringomyelia and scoliosis. Cord traction syndrome.

Published by at 9 July, 2012

Surgery date: June 2012-07-09

My name is Kvartalnaya Alina, I am 51 years old. I was diagnosed in 2007 with Arnold Chiari I syndrome and syringomyelia. I had surgery in Novosibirsk, after the surgery I was doing more or less fine for two years, but in 2009 my toes started to go numb and my legs were always tense. Walking was very complicated.  In 2010, I broke one leg, and in 2011 the other one, I was hurting all over, also the back.  I didn’t know where to turn. We found the Institut Chiari y Syringomyelia of Barcelona over the Internet. I sent all the MRI images in 2011 and December the invitation for surgery arrived. On June 12th 2012, I was already in Barcelona and I had the sectioning of the filum terminale surgery. I am very grateful to all the medical staff. The day after surgery I was discharged. I was excited with the sensations, I can be seated without pain, lie down on my back, which I hadn’t been able to do since four years, I wasn’t able to be seated for more than half an hour, because everything would go numb. On the day, I was already able to on a big excursion around Barcelona.

Gratefully, your patient Alina

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