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The FAQ (frequently asked questions) section is the result of a compilation of the most significant questions according to their importance or frequency with which they are asked. The administrative staff has been compiling these questions since the beginnings of the Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona’s activity.

The medical team has prepared the answers under Dr Miguel Bautista Royo Salvador’s supervision to every single question.

The aim of this section is no other than to orientate, help and to solve the most common doubts that may arise when patients facing one of the diseases we treat. In no way does this section replace a medical specialist’s professional advise who sees the patient personally.

By accepting this legal note you acknowledge that the mentioned herein is for informative purposes only. Do not take any decision without having consulted with specialist physician beforehand.

We hope that this section will be useful to you.

Signed: Dr Miguel Bautista Royo Salvador.

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  • I have Arnold Chiari I with/without Syringomyelia and your specialists are indicating a Sectioning of the Filum terminale; a different neurosurgeon on the other hand is indicating a Craniectomy. Are there cases that have had to undergo a Craniectomy following a SFT?

We have not deemed it necessary to re-operate with a craniectomy in any of the more than 1000 cases operated with a SFT according to the Filum System® method.

We know that a few of our patients treated with the SFT, in a search to improve their irreversible sequelae or lesions with a possibility to improve in the long run, have looked for a second opinion and have undergone a suboccipital craniectomy. We are however not aware that their symptoms have improved.

Nevertheless and on the contrary, we have treated many patients that had undergone one or more craniotomies, and after the SFT they improved ostensibly.

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