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Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis of Barcelona

Joan Sanchez García. Scoliosis


Date of intervention: November 2006

My name is Joan Sanchez, and I am 25 years old from Barcelona.

I want to put into writing my testimony by the illusion to know that with my toleration I have been freed by motivation and also illusion, I want to help to fight, so that this discovery arrives to all the homes where there is any equal person with or similar pain. My pain is scoliosis idiopathic caused by the tension of the Filum Terminale. This caused rotation of the vertebrae of the thorax box 3 curves of 10º, 25º and 39º respectively, and on the other hand it caused the displacement of my brain 1.5 cm downwards (Arnold Chiari I syndeome). The intervention has freed me from pain, that has been growing with me and worsening with time for the last 10 years.

It is for me a pleasure, to express and to show my experience here, my improvement, longed for cures, after years sailing without a course, knocking on doors of which the solutions were mere patches to alleviate, to diminish or to calm the pain.

I have gotten rid of continuous lumbar annoyances and cervical,periodic contractions, permanent sensation of binding, permanent alteration of the tact with a tickling sensation as opposed to any type of contact, friction etc. and aslo logically a future in terms of not a very encouraging quality of life… I have recovered, of a verified way, between 30% – 40% of force in my legs. I walk differently, with ease, more relaxed, in such away that is more elegant and even more upright without any doubt. My breathing is much better. These progressions have been relatively recent, yet in the future everything will settle down and the improvemnents will keep continuing. I hope that something so good, so useful, practical, fast and benefical can be presented at a world-wide level without vetoes, censorships nor impediments, that can arise from stingy and lucrative own interests front to which it would have to reign like priority in all…..the alturism, the solidarity and the use of common sense and above all and more in a transcendental subject as it is the human health. Thanks Dr. Miguel……..thanks!! E-mail: [email protected]