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In memory of Dr González-Adrio

Published by at 23 July, 2015


Dr Rafael González-Adrio, traumatologist FC Barcelona’s physician from 1972 to 1991, passed away in his home at the age of 80 this Tuesday after a long illness. He was a great example for our Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona, in 1993 he contributed the first case to which the Filum System® was applied.

He published severel articles together with our director, Dr Royo Salvador, giving support to the Filum Disease theory since its foundations. He always showed a great common sense with his confidence in our work and was even holding the title of Honorary collaborator and Benefactor of the Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation

We will always keep him in our thoughts, thankful for his valuable collaborator.

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