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Herminia Carrizosa Guerra. Arnold-Chiari I Syndrome, Syringomyelia and Scoliosis.

Published by at 14 December, 2006


Date of intervention: December 2006

Hello, I am called Herminia, i live in Malaga and am 57 years old. What I want from my testimony is to be able to help patients understand that there is hope, and like I, we thought that our future was destined to a wheelchair.

I have been suffering symptoms of Arnold Chiari I Syndrome and Syringomeylia from the year 1987, and it wasn´t until year 1997 when they discovered it, because of my ailment. During those ten years I went from traumatologist to traumatologist and neurologist to neurologist, until peculiarly, a physiotherapist was the one who guessed it right, the disease. As of that moment, in only months I was intervened on the craniotomy, a highly dangerous operation in which I took more than 6 months to recuperate myself. In spite the risk of this intervention I healed wonderfully, although the suffering didn´t serve as much, even though that neither the pain nor the symptoms diminished absolutely.

On the contrary, little by little they were increasing. Thus, for example, they diagnosed me having apnoea dreams and an oesophagus ulcer that obliged me for more than one year to feed me only liquids and papilla´s, and even going through days without eating as I couldn´t support the pain swallowing. But it got worse adding to everything my aliments, the scoliosis. At the moment I felt totally indignant and defrauded, also abandoned, it seemed like if nobody had interest to help me.

They say that when something bad happens something good is on its way. In November of 2006 I had a loss of knowledge and I am still waiting for them to give me an answer. I collapsed to the ground and I hurt my two ankles. As of that moment my spirit against fighting the illness I collapsed and all I thought I had left, was to resign.

Miraculously, my daughters desperation took them to investigate on their own accord through Internet, and it was like that how they found me the doctor, Dr Don Miguel B. Royo. We sent an email, waiting, an his reply was immediate. In only fifteen days I was taken care of in Barcelona, and I put all my hopes into the hands of the medicine of this genius. That same day, the 13th of December of 2006, they did explorations (tests, examinations), day 14th they operated on me and the 15th of December, after almost a year without being able to eat, I ate 2 patty cakes for breakfast before going to the hospital. It could be a silly anecdote, but for me, it was the first day of my new life. Since then the symptoms, of many, have improved. We aren´t deceived, we can´t travel into the past, and the damage done doesn´t have to return, but my future now is another thanks to the Filum Terminale operation.

Since then, the pain has diminished considerably, having in mind that I didn´t take, nor if I wanted to, one of my old tablets. In addition, I have recovered part of the tact in the right hand and the tingles have ceased. No longer do I have dizziness, nor do my legs hurt, and in general, I feel better, happier and more active than when I was 20 years old, or at least it´s how I feel. By all means I forgot to say, from that day i eat perfectly.

Thank you for fighting against this illness with your talent, The Doctor demonstrates a warm and gentle character towards the patient.

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