Filum System® Medical – Course for mental health professionals

Published by at 1 March, 2017

The first edition of the “Filum System® Medical Course for mental health professionals” took place in Barcelona on 23 and 24 February 2017. This course was organized by Filum Academy Barcelona® in collaboration with Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona. The closing ceremony of the course was celebrated on Friday the 24th, 2017 and the certificate was awarded to the participants of the course.

The course was attended by mental health professionals who were interested in the “Filum Disease” and the psychological changes caused by it, as well as the role of psychotherapy in post-sectioning of the filum terminale rehabilitation process.

The course was imparted in Italian and its aim was to promote the knowledge of the Filum Disease and the treatment applied in the ICSEB among those healthcare professionals who sought to develop a specific therapy for the patients with this diagnosis and who have undergone this surgical treatment.

Interdisciplinary collaboration between neurosurgeons, neurologists, mental healthcare rehabilitators specialists can contribute to a broader understanding and dissemination of the Filum System® method, offering the patients the possibility to go to the health professionals who are prepared to attend to them in the best possible way in both pre- and post- surgery stages.


Dr Miguel B. Royo Salvador, Neurologist and Neurosurgeon
From left to right: Mr Luca Bianchi; Mrs Maria Sangiuliano; Mrs Gioia Luè; Miguel B. Royo Salvador, MD. Phd
From left to right: Horia Salca, MD; Mr. Luca Bianchi; Mrs. Maria Sangiuliano; Mrs Gioia Luè.
From left to right: Marco Fiallos, MD; Dr Miguel B. Royo Salvador, MD, Phd; Mrs Yuka Takahashi, FAB® Secretariat; Mr. Luca Bianchi; Mrs. Mónica Ureta; Vesna Bogdanovic Md, Phd; Mrs. Maria Sangiuliano; Mrs. Gioia Luè; Horia Salca, MD.
Presentation of certificate to Mrs. Mónica Ureta, Clinical Psychologist.
Presentation of certificate to Mrs. Maria Sangiuliano, Psychologist and Psychotherapist.
Presentation of certificate to Mrs. Vesna Bogdanovic, MD, Phd, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist.
Presentation of certificate to Mr. Luca Bianchi, Psychologist and Psychotherapist.
Presentation of teaching certificate to Mr. Juan Manuel Jené, responsible for System Management.
Presentation of teaching certificate to Mr. Marco Fiallos, MD, Neurosurgeon.
Presentation of teaching certificate to Mr. Horia Salca, MD, Neurosurgeon.
Presentation of teaching certificate to Mrs. Gioia Luè, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

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