Giuseppina Murina. Arnold Chiari I Syndrome, Syringomyelia and idiopathic Scoliosis, Medullary Traction Syndrome.

Published by at 27 June, 2011

Date of surgery: February 2011

My name is Giusy, I am 34 years old and come from Regio Calabria. My story is like many others. After a traffic accident, approximately 10 years ago, I suffered a cranial traumatism and a vertebral fracture (C6). A very good Italian Neurosurgeon operated on me impeccably with fracture fixation with titanium plate. They gave me the hospital discharge without me having any neurological damage. However, after a period of time resting, I went back to my normal everyday activities meaning, going back to work as well. This is when the pains started in my cervicals, I got headaches, pins and needles in the superior limbs, etc… These symptoms, which expressed themselves in a light way did not worry me because of the magnitude of the surgery I had gone through, they could be normal according to my Neurosurgeon.

Everything changed after 10 years. Almost during March 2010, the symptoms that I had from the time of the surgery increased notably in intensity: cervical pain and headaches became unbearable, the pins and needles in the superior limbs became an obsession and new pains had appeared. At night I slept little, I had lost strength in my hands, I had cramps when I bent my head or when I laughed, tiredness in the inferior limbs when going up the stairs or uphill. This related to my difficulty in breathing; all this limited me a lot in my everyday life.

After a consultation with my Italian Neurosurgeon I had my first MRI done, which evidenced an important medullar cavity. This is why he sent me to have another one with contrast to discard a tumorous type Syringomyelic cavity.
I then went to my general practitioner feeling even more confused and worried. Basing himself with his last experience (as well as personal) he diagnosed my case with Arnold Chiari I Syndrome.

This is when all my consultations with famous Italian Neurosurgeons started. They recommended a posterior cranial fossa decompression (very invasive surgery) as a unique possible solution to my disease and advising against following the “road to Barcelona”, which my actual doctor had recommended.

On the contrary, from all the indications received in Italy, except the one from my general doctor, I sent all my medical documents to the “Institut Chiari de Barcelona” to the attention of Gioia Luè, whom after showing my case to Dr. Royo Salvador, gave me a date for a medical appointment and the surgery of the Section of the Filum Terminale, a minimal invasive surgery with low risks and comparable to a normal appendicectomy.

On the 8th of February 2011, after a thorough and attentive consultation with Dr. Royo, he practiced the surgery of the Section of the Filum Terminale on me by means of a proper technique.

During the night after the surgery I slept like a hadn´t slept in months. From that night on, I found my tranquility.

All the symptoms I suffered, simply disappeared, apart from the light (but very bearable) discomfort in my back according to Dr. Royo due to the re-adaptation of the vertebral column. After a period of time resting I have gone back to my everyday life and to work.

I hope my testimonial will help clear the ideas of who needs it to confront the Arnold Chiari I Syndrome.

I would like to thank with affection and huge respect all the “Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona” team and specially Dr. Royo Salvador and Gioia Luè, as well as my doctor who has helped me take the correct path to solve my problem.

Regio Calabria 21/06/2011


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